Chef Masterclass

From The Passion Of Ocean To The Seafood Business
Hervé Blanes is not simply a seafood purveyor, he is a genuine seafood lover. Born and raised in Marseille, and now residing in Ho Chi Minh City, he’s the CEO of Nine Indochinese Dragons Co Ltd, the leading premium seafood supplier in Vietnam, as well as the owner of both La Poissonnerie and Duke&Oyster Bar in District 2. Having grown up on the beach, his passion for the ocean and commitment to all things seafood is unparalleled. We had the chance to chat with Monsieur Blanes about his business practices, and his devotion to the industry in Vietnam.
A Fine Dining Chef Grounded In Sustainability

Chef Si Toan of Sam Dining views the Culinary Arts as a fully sensory experience. Inspired by the beauty of Đà Lạt, and its bounty of sustainable and locally sourced ingredients, his restaurant offers an unparalleled fine dining experience to its patrons. Chef Toan’s passion for developing innovative flavours, led to the establishment of Sam Dining's Cookbook Tasting Menu, a singular dining experience that encourages guests to read the cookbook, while simultaneously tasting its dishes. We had a chance to speak with Chef Si Toan about his culinary journey and truly inspired food.

Ask A Chef
The experts from Humble Bakery – known for their artisanal scones and burnt cheesecakes – are here to help solve your kitchen woes.
Antipodal Tendencies
A conversation with Peruvian superstar chef Virgilio Martinez. With his lanky frame, boyish features, and laid-back (as much as a chef can be) manner, Virgilio Martinez could still very easily be the same semi-pro skateboarder that he was decades ago – except that at 45 today, he's one of Latin America's most important chefs.
A Matter Of Taste
There’s nothing more luxurious than unforgettable experiences — whether it’s through dining or retail. The recent establishment of V3 Gourmet makes sure it stays that way.
The Global Connoisseur Of Gastronomy
Having counseled some of the largest companies and hospitality groups in the world like Hyatt, Accor, Swissair, Mövenpick, and over 50 Michelin Starred restaurants across Europe and Asia, René Marre is one of F&B’s leading international authorities. A total food and wine devotee, he’s penned numerous books, 200 plus articles for major magazines, and has been the Consultant Advisor for countless Gastronomic Guides We had the chance to chat with Monsieur Marre about his illustrious career in the Culinary Arts, and have him share some astute advice with our readers.
Vietnam’s Preeminent Celebrity Chef
Earning the title “Iron Chef” is one of the greatest triumphs a culinary master may realize in his or her career, next to the achievement of a highly coveted Michelin Star. Only a handful of Vietnamese Chefs have secured this stellar recognition of excellence, and David Thai is one of the few to have joined this elite group of artists, bearing the celebrated name. Iron Chef David Thai was kind enough to speak with us about his distinguished career in Gastronomy, and share some great insider industry tips.
A Heritage Of Mouton Cadet Wines With Visionary Leadership
Since 1930, Mouton Cadet has been revered by wine enthusiasts for its exceptional taste, sublime quality, and remarkable value. Coined “The Fine Nose of Wine”, Jérôme Aguirre joined Baron Philippe de Rothschild in March of 2022, to carry forth and elevate Mouton Cadet’s sourcing and production strategies, as well maintain and enhance the brand’s good standing within France, and across the globe. As the company’s newly installed Director of Mouton Cadet Wines, Jérôme Aguirre is destined to continue the propulsion of this time-honoured legacy brand well into the future as the label of choice for global wine lovers.
Honouring Heritage
We get into the mind of Malay history and culture researcher Khir Johari who shares his thoughts on how far Malay gastronomy has come and where the scene is headed.
A Chef’s Playground
Kolabo offers aspiring and professional chefs a space to experiment, explore and showcase their unique cuisines to discerning diners.
50 Shades Of White
From cellar master to burgeoning saké purist, Richard Geoffroy, former chef de cave at Dom Pérignon, is on a mission to create the purest Japanese rice wine in the market with traditional champagne-making methods.
Revolutionizing Produce Cultivation In Vietnam
The daughter of an Australian coal miner has developed a novel method of vertical farming and is now using it to establish a business in Vietnam. One Dutch investment firm estimates the company's potential worth at $1 billion. Produce grown in this cutting-edge vertical farm emits zero nett greenhouse gases and does not contribute to fertiliser or pesticide pollution. Epicure sat down with Lyndal and discussed how You and your loved ones can eat the healthiest, most sustainably sourced food possible while simultaneously doing your part to protect the planet.