Gallery Bespoke Cocktail Bar

Gallery Bespoke is a classic and upscale purveyor of craft cocktails. Creativity is greatly valued in this industrial-style venue, and you feel it from the retro leather seating to the art gallery covering much of the exposed brick walls. The timber flooring and leather armchairs are the definition of sophistication as well as the expertly curated wall of spirits that are lit by beautiful light fixtures.

Stop in to enjoy their comprehensive menu of aperitifs. They serve their own unique signature cocktails and categorize them by taste profile making it easy to find the drink you crave. Enjoy creations that espouse flavours such as spice, herbal, floral, sour and sweet. They also serve modern classics and add a contemporary spin on beloved recipes. If you’re feeling more lively, enjoy one of their bespoke bottles of spirits like gin, rum, whiskey or vodka and the bartenders will happily whip up a delicious personalized cocktail for you.

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