Honmaguro Chutoro Tartar

This Honmaguro Chutoro Tartar provides a beautiful pop of colour intensifed by deep umami flavour profiles from three layers of ingredients. It is incredibly healthy and easy to prepare in the comfort of home.

Madai (Japanese Sea Bream) Carpaccio

The Madai (Japanese Red Sea Bream) is often a staple during Japanese celebratory occasions such as New Year’s Day and wedding ceremonies as it is symbol of good luck.

National Day Eclairs By Tarte

Even the simplest tarts are executed with a high level of technicality and finesse. Pastry Chef Cheryl Koh and her team creates artisanal tarts and other confectionaries baked from scratch and made with seasonal ingredients from around the world.

A 7 Year Story

Named after the number of years it takes to age Acquerello rice - a unique product in itself as freshly harvested crop is first aged, then refined and slowly re-integrated with its own germ.

Burrata Parmigiana

The Burrata Parmigiana is Arévalo’s twist on an eggplant parmigiana, a classic Italian dish that is traditionally made with eggplant layered with cheese and tomato sauce.

Chocolate, Cocoa and Citrus

The complexity of chocolate shines through in the various textures at play in this plated dessert, completed by the acidity of assorted citrus.

Mille Feuille with Berries & Hazelnuts

The French classic mixes luscious vanilla pastry cream with a tart raspberry coulis. You can use any fruits of your liking to accompany the dessert, but try to choose ones with less water content