Chef Masterclass

Le Paris Brest

A heritage, Le Paris Brest was originally made to celebrate the Paris-Brest-Paris bicycle race. Its circular shape represents the bicycle wheel. Add Fleur de sel de Maldon to amp up the praline flavour and reduce the sweetness.

Les Saint-Jacques

Hokkaido scallops are preferred as they are sweeter than the ones from the Atlantic, which goes exceedingly well with the Grenobloise sauce - made with capers, lemon dice, brown butter, shallots, parsley and brioche croutons. The garlic baby spinach adds another dimension to the dish.

Jason Tan - The Culinary Maestro

Chef Jason Tan further elevates the role of botanicals with his recently unveiled Gastro-Botanica 2.0 at his newly opened Restaurant Euphoria. Once again, the culinary maestro seamlessly melds classic, traditional flavours with cutting-edge innovation for botanicals re-imagined.

La Poularde de Bresse

A classic French dish which was created in 1957, the La Poularde de Bresse follows strict rules. The fowl has to be 1.8kg to 2kg: five months old and is fed with milk products for the first three weeks. The result a juicy and firm-fleshed chicken.

Crispy Pork Trotter With Pineapple Sauce

A Chinese New Year classic, the crispy and succulent pork trotter is accompanied with a sweet and tangy pineapple sauce. This recipe has been simplified so you can enjoy the juicy pork with lesser effort.

Black Caviar and Hokkaido King Scallop Yu Sheng

Prefer something more extravagant than salmon slices and golden crackers? Chef Cheung Siu Kong opts for black caviar and Hokkaido king scallops, and crushed sweetened walnuts to add a luxe touch to the ubiquitous dish.

Lak Lak

This sweet treat from Tabanan Regency is a favourite dish of my family, especially my son. Usually, Lak Lak is made with brown sugar but my mother uses palm sugar, making it even better.