Chef Masterclass

Madai (Japanese Sea Bream) Carpaccio

The Madai (Japanese Red Sea Bream) is often a staple during Japanese celebratory occasions such as New Year’s Day and wedding ceremonies as it is symbol of good luck.


Cuca’s take on the classic summer cocktail is refreshing and punchy. As the tropical fruit ice cubes melts, the flavour intensify and it transforms the cocktail, from sparkling red wine into a fruity punch.

Deng Huadong - Turning Up The Heat

Sichuan cuisine offers a complex mix of flavours and mastering the fundamentals requires years of training. Deng Huadong shares with Destin Tay what it takes to be a chef extraordinaire. 

Classic Daiquiri

This three-ingredient drink is so easy to put together. Here, Davide Boncimino, bar operations manager of Sugarhall, brings herbal and citrus nuances to a classic with the addition of two rums in equal portions.

Recipes From The Heart

Our Bali – Your Bali by chef Dean Keddell is a fundraising cookbook to help Bali’s most vulnerable communities. Here’s how you can contribute.

National Day Eclairs By Tarte

Even the simplest tarts are executed with a high level of technicality and finesse. Pastry Chef Cheryl Koh and her team creates artisanal tarts and other confectionaries baked from scratch and made with seasonal ingredients from around the world.

Dinara Kasko - Printed Perfection

AutoCAD software and 3D printers are allowing bakers to take their creative visions to new heights. Dinara Kasko shares the finer details of her architectural cakes with Destin Tay.

The Paloma

Shelley Tai at Nutmeg & Clove puts a tropical spin on the Paloma, for an ideal hot weather thirst-quencher

Culinary Explorer

Gorden Ramsay hits the road again in the third season of Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted where he explores global cuisines amidfrigidtemperatures, muddy back roads and stormy waters.

A 7 Year Story

Named after the number of years it takes to age Acquerello rice - a unique product in itself as freshly harvested crop is first aged, then refined and slowly re-integrated with its own germ.