La Badiane

La Badiane Restaurant, Hanoi, taking the French name for the Star Anise spice, was founded in December, 2008, by three French friends and is now heralded to be one of the best restaurants in Vietnam, dedicated to the fusion of flavours and international gastronomy. 

The venue provides for a feeling of calm and elegance, surrounded by harmonious plants and white walls alternating with carefully chosen vivid colours. The first floor is reserved for customers who prefer more privacy and the second floor has two dining rooms painted red.

At La Badiane, it is all about food but there’s also great attention paid to the service and the overall atmosphere. The restaurant was noted in the top 500 Restaurants in Asia by Miele Guide and “Certificate of Excellence” by Trip Advisor in 3 consecutive years 2012, 2013 and 2014.

The unique culinary experience is reflected in the menu which incorporates such delights as seared scallops and seafood with a bouquet of vegetables and parsley zucchini juice and saffron emulsion; duck leg confit in rosemary with a stewed beans Cassoulet in tamarind; and duck French rillettes and chorizo with tartar sauce. The desserts are equally delicious reflecting the quintessential elements of French cooking and style.


La Badiane