It embodies a clean, geometric style crafted by architect, Le Nguyen Tien Thanh, who designed everything, even down to the tables and chairs. It was sister-in-law Le Ngoc Quynh’s travel and study in France that initially inspired the endeavour, her favourite restaurant just so happened to be a bistro that specialised in salmon. 

Chef, Nguyen Hai Ha, learned to cook at Hoa Sua, a training restaurant that teaches culinary skills to disadvantaged youth.  He does a stellar job with countless variations on the salmon theme.

A surprisingly varied menu on the salmon theme features, among other dishes, a saffron salmon bisque; a salmon kumquat salad incorporating juicy pieces of sesame-coated salmon artfully arranged between little hills of leafy greens, kumquats, and gboma; Salmonoid’s version of surf and turf — Australian steak drizzled with a tangy pepper sauce, accompanied by a grilled salmon filet on a bed of ratatouille and herbed potato purée; and Salmonoid’s signature dish — orange-marinated salmon with dill and pepper served with a velvety cream cheese spread and an array of sauces like sweet balsamic, chili aioli and a house-made mustard.


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