The Finest Cut

By Nida Seah

Meat lovers will find perfectly broiled steaks and more at Wolfgang’s Steakhouse Singapore, a restaurant that thrives on exceptional food and service.

Mention steakhouse, and most diners will think of comfort food – smoky cuts of meat and seafood, pasta, baked potatoes and salads – served in indulgent portions in a warm inviting atmosphere. There’s a certain nostalgia to such establishments, complete with white tablecloths, gleaming cutlery, attentive staff and a menu that does not stray too far from the familiar.

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse (not to be confused with a similarly named restaurant at Marina Bay Sands) is all that and more; it is a haven for the hungry who just want to kick back with fellow well-heeled patrons and dine quietly on good food and wine.

Executive chef See Tok Hoong Yew certainly agrees. “There are numerous steakhouses in Singapore but I feel that every place has their own special touch that leaves an impression on their guests. For us, besides the service, food and ambience, I feel that our place has always brought memorable moments for our guests, especially when they choose to celebrate their special occasions with us,” he says.

The steakhouse at Intercontinental Singapore Robertson Quay is decked in dark caramel and walnut hues where elegant chandeliers bathe the dining hall in a soft glow. Behind its wood-panelled walls are two private dining rooms lined with an impressive display of new and old age wines where each bottle has been selected for its unique flavour profile. There are more in its wine cellar should you want to indulge in winepairing or toast to a special occasion.


The restaurant is the namesake of Wolfgang Zwiener who opened the first Wolfgang’s Steakhouse on Park Avenue in 2004. Drawing on more than four decades of experience, Zwiener created a menu that offers top quality USDA-certified Prime cuts of beef, including the famed Porterhouse Steak. It was so successful that the restaurant expanded to multiple locations in the United States and around the world – Singapore being one of them.

Food quality remains a top priority for the restaurant, no matter where it is in the world. It only orders beef from trusted suppliers, and to maintain quality, all restaurants have their own in-house cellar for ageing where chilled beef (never frozen) is dry-aged for a 28-day period.

Chef See Tok, who has 20 years of culinary experience and has been with the Singapore restaurant since its opening in 2017, is proud of the menu. “One of things that I enjoy most about being here is to be able to share the joy of tasting 100% USDA Prime, Dry-aged Beef with others. The flavour profile, marbling and experience are completely unlike any other,” he explains.


There is a hefty selection of seafood-focussed appetisers including Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail, Wolfgang’s Crab Cake and the must-try Lobster Bisque. There is also a wide range of sides such as German Potatoes and Creamed Spinach to accompany the mains. But there is no doubt that the star dishes are the meat, and rightly so. Besides the Porterhouse Steak, diners can choose the New York Sirloin or Rib Eye where the flavours are enhanced by dry-ageing which concentrates all of the meaty goodness. If you prefer a less intense flavour, try the wet-aged Prime Filet Mignon.

Chef See Tok does not rest on his laurels though. He gets inspired when dining out at other eateries, and comes up with new dishes and specials regularly to keep the menu exciting. “When I dine out at other places, I start to think about how those dishes could have been prepared differently and improved. Being in a country where the food options available are so unique and robust, I definitely don’t miss a chance to learn and experience all kinds of different cuisine and food styles and explore from there,” he says.

For Christmas this year, he has decided to bring in a seasonal item for the joyous occasion – Wolfgang’s Alaska. “It’s our rendition of the classic dessert, Bombe Alaska, and we hope that our guests will enjoy this version as much as we do!” he says. The festive menu also features Grilled King Salmon, 100% USDA Prime Petite Filet Mignon and Honey Baked Ham alongside Herb-infused Potatoes and Seasonal Vegetables – all familiar favourites to indulge during the festive season.

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse is at 1 Nanson Road #02-01, Intercontinental Singapore Robertson Quay.