The Spa L’Apogée By La Prairie And Its Exclusive Treatments Range

L’Apogée Courchevel offers the ideal wellness space with its Spa L’Apogée by La Prairie. Discover a unique paradise in one of the world’s most beautiful ski resorts.

The Spa L’Apogée by La Prairie has five treatment rooms, including a Spa Suite Experience with a cold bath and the traditional Russian “Banya” treatment, as well as a beauty room and hair salon. The spa features an indoor swimming pool, hammam and sauna offering the perfect place to relax. A team of professionals are on hand to provide expertise in La Prairie’s face care range and complementary therapies, including a body treatment with Bamford skincare products.

From the wide selection of experiences and programmes on offer at the spa, this season, Valérie Dalmayrac, Director of the Spa L’Apogée by La Prairie, has decided to highlight the treatments below:


The “Banya” bathing ritual and private cold bath help stimulate the metabolism, increase resistance to stress, and relieve aches and pains after a day’s skiing or trekking. The Spa Suite duo cabin, designed for the occasion, offers an exclusive private space for pure relaxation. This ritual, inspired by Russian tradition, starts with a moment of relaxation in the hammam, which raises your body temperature and causes your capillaries and pores to dilate. Your body is lightly beaten with infused birch branches called “veniks”, so that the sap and essential oils contained in the leaves stimulate blood circulation and thus strengthen the immune system. After immersion in a cold bath, the contrast between hot and cold increases your body’s resistance to stress and strengthens the cardiovascular system. You can enjoy a range of treatments alongside this experience, such as exfoliation, a body wrap and/or massage tailored to your specific needs. (60 min./90 min./120 min.)


This specific form of leg massage promotes muscle recovery after skiing. It combines Swedish massage and drainage techniques to improve circulation, eliminate toxins and relieve muscle fatigue. It accelerates muscle recovery while eradicating toxins to promote the circulation of oxygenated blood. (30 min.)


Depending on the length of your stay at L’Apogée Courchevel, you can choose a programme lasting a single day or several days from the selection of treatments below:

Yoga or walking meditation A brisk walk along mountain trails with a yoga routine to help you relax. Doing Yoga strengthens your body and increases flexibility, while also improving the functioning of the respiratory, circulatory, digestive and hormonal systems. Yoga helps you achieve emotional stability and clarity of thought.

Renata treatment

The Renata Franca treatment is based on applying firm pressure at a rapid pace, while using a pumping motion and exclusive manipulations to produce immediate results. This technique reduces your risk for oedema and activates blood circulation, thus reducing cellulite. This results in less bloating and a more defined figure, faster metabolism and feeling of well-being. This treatment is also suitable for pregnant women.

Madero Therapy treatment

Madero therapy is an ancient form of massage, combining the use of hand movements with wooden objects that all have a very specific function. Madero therapy involves manipulating and reorganising fat cells for a more balanced, structured body shape with smooth, plumped skin. This treatment is effective against all kinds of cellulite and stimulates collagen and elastin production.

KOBIDO treatment

Kobido is a Japanese facial massage that works on deep wrinkles, skin firmness and radiance, while also focusing on the eye contour, mouth, décolleté and arms. This treatment stimulates skin tissue, providing a lifting effect while releasing muscle tension in the face.

You will find a range of original and exclusive treatments at the Spa L’Apogée by La Prairie, a wellness space offering exceptional service. Tranquility in the heart of the Jardin Alpin.

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