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What Nature has taught us

Time is our guide: slowly and relentlessly, time has taught us to act at the right time, to observe the changing seasons, the days of sunshine and rain. Nature has endowed us with this rich and bountiful land, where we work every day according to the teachings handed down, learning the “art of waiting”.

Then comes the joy of harvest: the wait turns into happiness and our grapes turn into wine, enjoying the joy of being rewarded after so much work.

Santeramo in Colle, Italy – 1937

Time flies so fast when we focus on the things we care about most: my grandparents knew this, then my parents, and now it's the same for me. Almost a hundred years have passed since my family began working in these vineyards, with passion and dedication, turning idyllic dreams into beautiful reality, which we pride ourselves on daily through its wines.


Our passion and love for our land is a family secret. Manufacturer of high quality wine for many years. We select only the finest raisins according to ancient tradition to make this age-old wine.


Inspired by the typical bricks of the Apulia region, here is the Maioliche collection: the perfect balance between tradition and modernity, enhancing our organic wine range with colourful design.


A fresh and sophisticated taste, elegantly adorning this barrelled and fermented organic wine, with an ethereal character: this is the Prestige collection with sweet floral aromas.


An unusual name, for a wine with a strong and definitive nature: the charm of Marpione is ready to fascinate with its spicy spice notes and passionate aromas.


Late-harvesting and withering grapes with delicate and harmonious flavors, aromas that captivate and delight the senses, for a wine to hydrate treat yourself to a moment of relaxation.


Fresh and versatile wines to make your moments unique and sparkling.

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