The Global Connoisseur Of Gastronomy
Having counseled some of the largest companies and hospitality groups in the world like Hyatt, Accor, Swissair, Mövenpick, and over 50 Michelin Starred restaurants across Europe and Asia, René Marre is one of F&B’s leading international authorities. A total food and wine devotee, he’s penned numerous books, 200 plus articles for major magazines, and has been the Consultant Advisor for countless Gastronomic Guides We had the chance to chat with Monsieur Marre about his illustrious career in the Culinary Arts, and have him share some astute advice with our readers.
A Fine Dining Chef Grounded In Sustainability

Chef Si Toan of Sam Dining views the Culinary Arts as a fully sensory experience. Inspired by the beauty of Đà Lạt, and its bounty of sustainable and locally sourced ingredients, his restaurant offers an unparalleled fine dining experience to its patrons. Chef Toan’s passion for developing innovative flavours, led to the establishment of Sam Dining's Cookbook Tasting Menu, a singular dining experience that encourages guests to read the cookbook, while simultaneously tasting its dishes. We had a chance to speak with Chef Si Toan about his culinary journey and truly inspired food.

“Culinary Frank” Brings Melbourne To Ho Chi Minh City
Frank Pham, the chef turned food vlogger affectionately known by his viewers as “Culinary Frank'', is the culinary powerhouse behind Ho Chi Minh City’s Society Cafe & Dining and captivates his 400,000 strong audience with his calming cooking ASMR.