Bringing Together Ambitious People

House of Barbaard creates the most outstanding men’s lifestyle experience with high regard to personal attention, exceptional quality, and an inspiring sense of style.

House of Barbaard is a unique traditional Gentleman’s barbershop with a lounge bar area. Their team of barbers have been accredited by an international academy led by European professionals. On each visit you will receive a choice of drinks and finger food, as well as consultation and shampoo to ensure an outstanding experience.

This concept, when first introduced in 2017 by two Dutch founders Tom and Guido, was unprecedented in the Vietnamese market. With a great eye for service, quality and style, their first Grooming sanctuary has since become the country’s pioneer in barbering and gentleman’s lifestyle.

Following the classic European antique style, the establishment’s interior was finished with high regard to every detail, from tables and chairs, turntables, to the music being played. All of barber tools are of the highest quality and are imported directly from Europe. Their ambassadors have been trained to deliver services carefully, as well as to dress in a way that represents their style in a unique way.

Located right beside the barbershop, the high-concept bar Ministry of Men will also amaze you. “Small yet remarkable!” - is what one would say about this one-of-a-kind establishment, because even within this small-scale boutique bar, the opportunity to explore is endless. The size, in fact, gives an advantage as you will find great care and creativity in every single detail, as well as outstanding personalised service. The cosy interior, ambience and luscious drinks, all have been curated with passion and with the purpose of delivering a memorable experience.

Ministry of Men is themed to honour prominent people from the past, through extraordinary cocktails that were curated to trigger all your senses. Be it men or women, the most influential people in humanity’s history are commemorated on their walls, and in their drinks.

Cocktail art is highly treasured at this hidden concept bar. Every single one of their signature cocktails was created with ambition and an immense attention to detail. Not only the ingredients were selected with care, but the presentation of the cocktail also has to live up to the prestige of the names that they carry. Each signature cocktail honours a famous person of the world - through its taste and the way that it’s demonstrated.

Be ready to find distinguished ingredients in the cocktails. From beef jerky syrup, saffron extract drops to pineapple skin wine... all were curated to deliver the best ‘cocktail experience’, in ways that one might not expect: a smoky chemistry set, hidden in a locked safe, or even served to be drunk with a chocolate cigar straw. 

Within Ministry of Men, people can find the extravagant space of “Prime Minister’s Chamber” - an exclusive area reserved especially for guests who love to enjoy their spirits in a bit more privacy. The highlight of the Chamber lies in the fireplace, which adds a warm feeling to the overall ambient vibe of the room – you will feel completely relaxed and unwind while sipping on your favourite spirit.

What make the Chamber even more special, are the locker boxes made specially to store your most favourite bottles. With a yearly subscription fee, these lockers are reserved for spirits ‘admirers’ who want to have a personal storage of their private bottle collection, as well as access to the most exclusive liquors you can find in and outside Vietnam.