Lambrusco And Food: The Marriage of Love

Lambrusco, the gently sparkling wine, is the drink of choice in Emilia Romagna to enjoy in the sunny days. This summer, let Lambrusco be the inspiration for your vibrant day with its wonderful pairings!

Made in Northern Italy's Emilia Romagna region, Lambrusco is quite different from the popular types of sparkling wines due to its color. Most Lambrusco is red of color with the shades vary from light pink to dark red. The best Lambruscos are thoughtfully made, pleasantly fruity and lightly sweet. If you have the chance to taste Terre Forti Lambrusco, an Italian wine brand made by Caviro, the largest winery in Italy, you will definitely not be able to forget intense fruity and yeasty aroma. This is a fresh, sparkling wine, with a mellow taste and pleasant finish of red fruits.

Unlike the famous Italian wine regions of Tuscany (famous for Brunello and Chianti) and Piedmont (home of Barolo and Barbaresco), Emilia-Romagna is not known for producing top-quality wines. It’s one of the most important gastronomic regions of Italy! If you enjoy Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, Prosciutto di Parma, and Mortadella, balsamic vinegar from Modena, and Bolognese sauce, you are already a big fan of this region's foods.

A main rule for pairing wine and food is "what grows together, goes together," meaning food and wines from the same region often share a natural harmony. Emilia Romagna is no exception to this rule. Their flagship wine, Lambrusco, is perfectly served with typical formaggio and salumi.


If you are looking for an outstanding Lambrusco wine from Italy, consider trying the Terre Forti  Lambrusco Emilia IGT Amabile Rosso from the largest Italian winery. Not only does it make an excellent companion to typical Emilia Romagna dishes, Terre Forti Lambrusco is also a perfect aperitif or great with fruit dessert thanks to its delightful and refreshing style.

Terre Forti Lambrusco should be chilled but never cold (around 8°C) and served in an elegant tulip-shaped wine glass. Once the bottle is open, it must be kept cold and covered.

About Terre Forti

Terre Forti was born in 1995 in Emilia Romagna, by member growers and winemakers, in a land rich in identity and with a high wine vocation. Today, the cooperative exports to over 70 countries and represents the largest winery in Italy, guaranteeing high-quality standards and a wide range of wines from North to South. Terre Forti is currently exclusively distributed by Red Apron Fine Wines & Spirits, one of the leading wine distributors in Vietnam.

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