Gala Dinner With Jacob's Creek - A Worth Sharing Wine Honors Top Chef Vietnam 2023

The Top Chef season 3 gala dinner was held in spectacular style at the magnificent 5-star Le Meridien Saigon hotel in order to create a lasting impression on the worldwide culinary scene. The distinguished guests were introduced to an excellent spread featuring exquisite Vietnamese specialties infused with internationally flavors, prepared by the competition's Top 3 chefs. The greatest selection of Jacob's Creek wine complemented the outstanding menu, adding a touch of elegance to the already opulent celebration.

Mr. Daniel Stork, Consul General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (middle) and Ms. Emmanuelle Pavillon, Consul General at the French Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City (right)

Ms. Emmanuelle Pavillon, Consul General at the French Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City, and Mr. Daniel Stork, Consul General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, graced the gala dinner with their presence. A varied range of domestic and foreign diplomats, businessmen, artists, culinary experts, and renowned chefs also attended the event.

Mr. Antoin Breen, Marketing Director of Pernod Ricard Vietnam, the owner of the Australian wine brand Jacob's Creek in Vietnam, expressed his excitement in cooperating with Top Chef Vietnam on their path to create top-notch culinary products during the event. He also hoped that Top Chef diners and viewers would embrace the brand's concept of "Good food, Good wine, Good friends" - a combination of scrumptious cuisine, excellent wine, and treasured companions that would make every moment memorable.

Mr. Antoin Breen, Marketing Director of Pernod Ricard Vietnam

Amidst the vibrantly adorned setting, diners were treated to an exceptional culinary affair, complete with the enchanting melodies of cellist Dinh Hoai Xuan's violin. The tantalizing aroma of Vietnamese spices wafted through the air, as guests indulged in a delectable spread of premium traditional dishes that left their taste buds thoroughly satisfied.

Cello artist Dinh Hoai Xuan and the orchestra brought wonderful symphonic music

The Gala Dinner Menu was a masterpiece crafted by a team of four exceptional chefs - Peter Cuong, Chef Son Truc, Chef Tuong Vi, and Chef Thanh Tam - in collaboration with Judge Alain Nguyen. The menu featured a stunning array of dishes, meticulously prepared and beautifully presented, taking diners on a gastronomic journey through the diverse culinary landscape of Vietnam. Infused with the chefs' boundless creativity and passion for Vietnamese cuisine, each dish was a sensory delight, bursting with vibrant colors, tantalizing aromas, and exquisite flavors.

Diners can experience Jacob's Creek Australian wine combined with high-end dishes made by Vietnam's Top 3 Top Chefs.

Renowned for its sophistication and exceptional quality, Jacob's Creek is a world-famous wine brand from the Barossa Valley region of Australia. With a rich history from 1847, the brand has earned a well-deserved reputation as a favorite among wine connoisseurs worldwide.  

Jacob's Creek understands dining goes beyond flavors - connections with loved ones are what make occasions truly special. Sharing their spirits provides the perfect backdrop for bonding over food and fostering intimate dialogue. By bringing people together over high-quality wines, Jacob's Creek aims to play a role in forging relationships and creating memories during celebrations and elevating everyday meals into treasured experiences.

Through the culinary masterpieces presented at Top Chef Vietnam, we hope to have showcased the beauty of Vietnamese cuisine, inspiring a new generation of chefs, culinary researchers, and food enthusiasts to share the authentic and refined experiences of Vietnamese culinary culture with their friends and loved ones.