Unveiling Saigon's Culinary Gem: Fine Casual Asian Fusion

Since its inception in 2019, Esta swiftly rose to prominence in Vietnam's vibrant gastronomic landscape, captivating diners with its innovative approach to cuisine, earning a coveted spot on Michelin’s 2023 Guide and recognized in Robb Report Vietnam’s Top 25 Restaurants - Gourmet Collection 2023. Situated in the heart of District 1 in Ho Chi Minh City, this celebrated culinary gem epitomises the pinnacle of Asian fusion cuisine.

Esta’s superior execution of the art of fire-cooking captivates their diners by intensifying the natural flavours of ingredients, transforming each plate into an elevated sensory experience. Reflecting Vietnam’s lush terroir, Esta’s current seasonal menu is deeply rooted in nature, a concept which is beautifully reflected in their recent theme update, "Dining in the Woods.” This vision offers guests a gastronomic journey which mirrors the boundless freedom of the forest, enriching a perceptual odyssey that is both natural and liberated from traditional culinary constraints. Offerings at Esta are a showcase of global and local ingredients, elegantly presented, with profound respect for their origins. 

To harmonise with the food, their beverage program is a thoughtful extension of their culinary philosophy. Prioritising high-quality ingredients, expert mixologists and sommeliers collaborate to craft a diverse selection of libations for the perfect cuisine pairing. 

With sustainability at the heart of their culinary ethos, their steadfast commitment to eco-friendly practices to significantly minimise any potential food waste is particularly worthy of note. They harness every possible element of their ingredients to craft the homemade dishes and sauces which populate the vibrant menu. Vegetables like celery, carrots, and fennel are fully utilised, their excess skins transformed into rich broths. For their meat preparations, unused cuts are ingeniously fermented into Garum, a method that not only enhances flavour but also aligns with green initiatives.

Their spring menu is a vivid showcase of culinary innovation, featuring dishes like Hiramasa Kingfish paired with hay-smoked strawberries, sweet and briny Canadian Blue Lobster, served with tender white asparagus and a touch of smoked almonds, and Hoà Lộc Mango from the Mekong Delta, exquisitely paired with a moist baba au rhum and a refreshing dollop of yoghurt. 

Esta’s atmosphere, described as "fine casual," melds the sophistication of haute cuisine with the comfort of a relaxed setting, making it an ideal spot for those seeking a superior culinary adventure without the pretension of traditional fine dining. This unique blend of luxury and ease attracts diners eager to experience a world-class meal infused with Asian influences, set within a welcoming environment.

And at the helm of Esta’s kitchen is Chef Cuong, whose passion for combining traditional and modern cooking techniques is unwavering. His expertise in balancing quintessential Asian flavours results in harmoniously crafted dishes elegantly presented on handmade ceramic dishes, which adds an additional layer of authenticity. For Chef Cuong, his kitchen is a continuously evolving cultural and artistic centre of activity, requiring relentless innovation and a sincere engagement with both ingredients and dining guests; this philosophy cements Esta’s reputation as a cornerstone of culinary excellence in Saigon.

“I’ve always embraced my culinary craft with humility. There’s immense joy for me in selecting fresh ingredients that are locally sourced, which also supports farmers and artisans in Vietnam. Creativity in recycling ingredients is another aspect I cherish. For me, the essence of culinary arts lies in the sharing and continuous pursuit of excellence.” - Head Chef Long Cuong


27 Tran Quy Khoach, Tan Dinh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City 

T: +84 88 662 37 82 | E: hello@estasaigon.com | W: estasaigon.com