Say No To Additives
Everyone wants to eat well. But given Singapore’s time- poor lifestyle, sometimes eating healthy and nutritious is not as easy as it may seem. 
Grater Plans Ahead
“We have a lot of support from Balibased chefs, restaurants and hotels. They are dedicated in sourcing locally made products and supporting local food producers.
It Gets Feta

“I have learned that it is not sustainable to just rely on one market and it is important to work as a collective with other local cheesemakers in Indonesia. In our website and Jakarta shop, we curate natural and locally made cheese from Malang, Yogyakarta, Boyolali, and Berastagi.”

Whey To Go

From Sumatra to Bali, Eve Tedja uncovers a thriving artisan cheesemaking scene in Indonesia and talks to chefs who champion locally made cheese at their restaurants.

Let’s Beef It Up

U.S beef elevates the taste of countless dishes from Roasted Tomahawk Steak in Xinjiang Style served with Green Papaya Salad to charcoal grilled Korean short ribs. These six restaurants make the cut.

ABALONE - Treasure From The Sea

Abalone, a treasure from the sea, prized by the Chinese for its special properties which benefit health and as a tasty treat during Chinese New Year celebrations.

Bird’s Nest - Ancient Healing Remedy

Bird’s Nest, part of Chinese culture and tradition for hundreds of years, is prized by aficionados for its rarity and nutritional and medicinal properties.

Putting in the Wo(r)k

The vast world of Chinese cuisine can sometimes look like an intimidating art form. These six key techniques will help budding master chefs to build a strong foundation.

Southeast Asia Bean to Bar Story

In recent years, the artisanal chocolate movement has gained momentum in countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam. Xie Huiqun delves into the intriguing world of chocolate making that’s closer to home.