Happy Mid-Autumn Festival from Windsor Plaza

Windsor Plaza Hotel is celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival with three sets of traditional mooncakes. This year’s mooncake sets present luxurious boxes in hues of dark blue, verdant green, and vibrant magenta adorned with intricate animal motifs inspired by family photo albums popularized in Vietnam, a perfect memento to cherish the season together. Each keepsake box contains a collection of flavourful and high-quality mooncakes, a great choice for gifting to family, friends and business partners.

Inspired by family photo albums, these beautiful mooncake boxes bring forth memories of happy gatherings during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Moments of sharing mooncakes and the season together, the perfect spirit for the Mid-Autumn Day with emphasis on family and unity.

The Joyous set features a dragonfly motif in vibrant magenta and presents 200gr cakes with two salted yolks and premium flavours including an assortment flavour, roast chicken with assortment flavouring, lotus seed, and coffee with coconut (no yolk). The four cake box is priced at 988,000+ per box.

The Reunion features a golden carp motif in a vibrant green setting with six delicious stalted egg yolk lava cakes inside and is priced at 788,000+ per box.

While the Harmony set features a hummingbird motif in royal blue.  This set includes eight single-yolk 100gr cakes with flavours of roast chicken with assortment flavouring, assortment flavours, lotus seed, taro, mung bean, red bean, coffee with coconut (no yolk), and butterfly pea with cheese (no yolk). The eight-cake set is priced at 988,000+ per box.

Mr Adwin Chong, General Manager of Windsor Plaza hotel, said the mooncake boxes are an essential element of the Mid-Autumn Festival. “Now, more than ever, it’s important for us to remember family and community, and we hope that these keepsake boxes and mooncakes bring joy to those celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival together.”

Customers can order mooncakes by calling 028 38336633 or by emailing mooncake@windsorplazahotel.com

Windsor Plaza Hotel