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A Serene Pre-Tet Respite
For a peaceful escape from the hurried and bustling city prior to Tet, Annam Gourmet Stores are a safe haven for you and your family to dodge the chaos. With a lovely open terrace, perfect for unwinding, Annam Gourmet is not only a place to stop, take a breath, and relax, but also where one may enjoy a premium culinary journey at their buffet lounge, and choose a specially curated, gourmet “Tet Hamper” for loved ones.
La Poissonnerie - Seafood with a Distinctly French Flair
Modest and unassuming from the outside, one step through the doors of La Poissonnerie, meaning “The Fishmonger Shop” in English, reveals a business that is dedicated to and passionate about fresh seafood. Founded in 2014 by Sybile and Hervé Blanes, La Poissonnerie has established itself as Saigon’s preeminent purveyor of high quality seafood.
A Unique Wine Tasting Experience
The WAREHOUSE is one of the largest and most prestigious wine importers and distributors in Vietnam. Having been at market for nearly 20 years, WAREHOUSE offers its customers a unique wine tasting experience with thousands of products from hundreds of long-established world-wide brands. WAREHOUSE’s distribution channels are prevalent in major cities throughout Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar.
Banyan Tree Krabi Steps Beyond Recycling To Upcycling
Guests checking in at the luxury beachfront resort of Banyan Tree Krabi are reducing their carbon footprint on southern Thailand’s marine environment from the moment they arrive. Instead of the usual hotel “welcome pack”, visitors are presented with a novel tote bag that was created by local artisans using upcycled waste washed up on local beaches.
A Passionate Commitment To Quality
As an importer and a distributor, WAREHOUSE is a market leader in the Vietnamese wine sector. A leader in Vietnam's wine market for over two decades, offering clients with a one-of-a-kind wine-tasting experience, showcasing thousands of products from hundreds of well-known brands, and distributing to all of the major cities in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar.
Creating Timeless Traditions & The Fondest Memories
Indulge your taste senses over the holiday season with luxurious and heavenly hampers from Annam Gourmet. A lovely gift for the entire family, a VIP client, or a dedicated employee. Each hamper is brimming with seasonal gourmet treats to help celebrate the festive season.
Vistajet Sets The Bar For Inflight Gourmet Dining
Preparing and service meals during a flight is no easy feat. There is an art and science to inflight catering, reason why it is a highly specialized field in the culinary and aviation worlds.  High altitude and humidity can diminish a person’s senses of smell and taste; and at 35,000 feet, a person’s perception of saltiness and sweetness is reduced by 30%.
When Dreams And Together Craftsmanship Intertwine
Last February not only celebrates the spirit of love andtogetherness but also marks the launch of Park Hyatt Saigon's highly anticipated new concept, Chocolaterie - setting a new benchmark for artisanal chocolate on the world stage.
Epicure Vietnam 07: The Great Vietnam Reboot
There are many ways describing what Vietnam's hospitality industry is going through these days. Renaissance, for example, or restart, and relaunch. What is clear though is that our country is well on the way to reclaim its rightful place amongst Asia's top tourism destinations.